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State-of-the-art technology

The robust and high quality construction with hot-dip galvanized tank, the hydraulic partition wall and the thorough processing of the planetary cutters ensure a high quality spreading pattern. Gafner spreaders represent a long service life with low maintenance and repair costs.

Auswurf Rotor



Ejection rotor

Hardened spreading tines and the patented spread width adjustment ensure a completely uniform spread distribution.




Scraper floor

The hydraulic scraper floor drive with 2-stage planetary gear and the quality chains provide a high tensile force.




Partition wall

The hydraulically powered partition wall ensures clean and complete emptying of the loaded material.




Star-shaped rotor

The star-shaped rotor is the so-called feeder and ensures that the material is delivered to the ejection rotor evenly.




Planetary cutters

Even strong spreading material is reduced efficiently and evenly by the high quality steel cutter.




Collision protection

Replaceable wood edge strips and a hot-dip galvanized tank save time and money in the event of damage.

Sternrotor mit Fraesplanet  

Star-shaped rotor with milling planetary gear

Gafner's clever modular system allows different combinations of individual components to form a whole. In addition, old modules can be replaced with new ones problem-free and cost-effectively.