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Trailer brake for 40 km/h

Gafner innovation – trailer brake for 40 km/h


We did it – in June 2021, we successfully received approval from the Road Traffic Office for our trailer with the new trailer brake for 40 km/h. This means that nothing stands in the way of the production of further trailers with this design. Our new product can be ordered with immediate effect.

Trailer brake for 40 km/h – the solution!
New regulations require new solutions.

Due to new legal requirements, Gafner has developed an extremely compact version of its trailer spreaders for a 40 km/h chassis with a sprung axle. The new system allows an automatic load adjustment valve to be installed in a very narrow space; the spring travel of the axle is only approximately 3 cm. With this innovative solution, the trailer spreader cannot deflect on one side. The overall centre of gravity increases by only approx. 5 cm – with the same tyres. This ensures the most important thing – safety in the field. In any case, Gafner trailer spreaders guarantee the most ideal braking effect, as the load is transported from the rear to the front during spreading. This means that the weight is transferred to the tractor via the drawbar.

As before, Gafner remains true to a modular design. The entire axle construction is a self-supporting assembly. Thus, it will be possible to convert a 30 km/h version into a 40 km/h version by installing a movable axle. The console for brake cylinders is prepared for diaphragm cylinders or hydraulic cylinders, which allows a later change from a hydraulic brake to a pneumatic brake, or vice versa. (Applies only to spreaders up to type 4.06A and from year of construction 2021) Gafner installs components such as axles, drawbar eyes or handbrake levers that meet the legal requirements and can achieve the required values in a brake test. At Gafner, the required documents, such as the brake calculation or manufacturer's warranty, are automatically created and supplied for all trailer spreaders. These can vary depending on the design of the brake system or speed version.

The trailer brake for 40km/h received approval from the Road Traffic Office in June 2021 and is available from us immediately.