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Trailer spreader

Gafner's trailer spreaders are available as a vario, or a roto model.

The vario trailer model

Gafner's vario spreader, with its large adjusting angle of 60°, is the proven model which adapts optimally to any terrain. It offers different tank sizes for all requirements and has a low own weight. The hydraulic partition wall pushes the loaded material forward in the direction of the vehicle, thus guaranteeing even weight distribution and safe wheel grip. The vario model is available with a loading volume of 2.15 m³ to 7.0 m³.

With its robust construction, hot-dip galvanized tank and high quality steel cutter, a long service life is guaranteed. The modular system enables the replacement of each individual tool and thus guarantees low repair costs and simple maintenance.

The roto trailer model

The roto model has the same features as the high quality vario basic model. The additional technical precision of the roto is provided by the rotating spreading head, which can be rotated 240° by means of a hydraulic motor. Gafner's roto trailer is ideally suited for spreading on both the right and the left side in demanding terrain. The roto model is available with a loading volume of 2.16 m³ to 4.06 m³.